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Literacy Programs

During the school holidays we will, once again, be holding our literacy programs tailored for children of all ages.  Our programs not only to give your child a head start at school, they are fun and something the children really look forward to and enjoy.  Spelling Demons, Spelling Solutions and Wired for Reading dates are still to be advised.

iStock_000017700197XSmall        Spelling Demons or Spelling Solutions

Using your spelling toolbox to crack the code of word creation.  4 day intensive program.
Spelling Demons suitable for grade 2 to 4 and Spelling Solutions suitable for grade 5 and above.

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iStock_000002776903XSmall        Wired for Reading

Turning speech sounds into letters for reading and writing.
Suitable for 5 and 6 year old children wishing to consolidate what they have learnt in Prep and Year 1. 

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Schoolchildren having fun on laptops at classroom.        cellfield_white
computer intervention

A unique approach for reading disorders & reading difficulties

  • Suitable for students 7 years of age & older – ideal for teenagers
  • Fast results – 2 week intensive Phase 1 program
  • Accelerated rate of  literacy development which continues even after completion of the cellfield program

Get reading for a successful future!

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