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We are thrilled to announce that Robyn Stephen & Associates has a new name – Melbourne Child Development.

Our mission for Melbourne Child Development is to create empowering pathways to exciting futures for families and their children through development and learning services that:

  • Respond to their individual, family and community context and preferences.
  • Are relevant to their culture.
  • Are informed by evidence.
  • Delivered by a dynamic multi-disciplinary team.


Our approach will be unified and guided by five central themes – client centeredness, collaboration, evidence-based practice, sustainability and engagement.

We look forward to moving ahead through this transition and welcome any questions you might have during this time. See the Frequently Asked Questions below for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you change the name?

The name of the practice has been changed because we want to offer a great pathway for the best results for families and their children by offering a multi-disciplinary team in the one location.

The name of Robyn Stephen and Associates remains the cornerstone of Melbourne Child Development.


Is the practice closing?

No, the practice will actually be expanding to offer a multi-discipline team and will be known as as Melbourne Child Development.


Has Robyn sold the practice?

No, quite the opposite. Robyn is continually investing her resources and her passion into the practice to create an even better service for families and their children.


Will Robyn still work here?

Yes, Robyn is still the director and Principal Speech Pathologist which is the lead clinician and mentor to the staff. Robyn is always responsive to any request for guidance or discussion from clients.


Is there another practice opening?
No we are working hard to create the highest standard of accessibility and comfort for families who come to this practice.


Will your services be the same?

Not only will our current services continue, they will be enhanced by a multi-discipline approach.


Will my current referrals, funding plans, private health still work with the new name?

Yes, all current referrals, funding plans and private health will not need to change. All new referrals and funding plans can now be addressed to Melbourne Child Development.


Will there be new staff or will any staff be leaving?

All our current staff will continue in their roles and we are in the process of expanding our team and services to include an Occupational Therapist and other disciplines that families will find helpful.


Will the fees stay the same?

Yes see our current fee schedule information.


Will your phone number change?
No, our phone number will remain the same. It is 98901062


Will your email address change?

We will have new email addresses, however the old email addresses will remain active and receiving emails moving ahead.


Will your website be updated?

Yes, our website is in the process of being updated and is a high priority for us. It will include lots of useful information for families.


For more information, please contact our client services team at the Practice on 03 9890 1062.