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Our team at Robyn Stephen & Associates is dedicated to providing the highest standard of Speech Pathology services to children and their families. With 5 experienced and passionate Speech Pathologists supported by a friendly and caring client services team, the combined vision for services at the Practice is to investigate, create means, and facilitate a child, adolescent or young adult’s ability to achieve their communication and learning potential.

Our Speech Pathologists work with children of all ages and backgrounds, and who have a broad range of language and communication needs.
Each Practitioner comes from a unique background of training and prior work, and has specific special interest areas and additional qualifications, resulting in a team that is diverse in its perspectives and therapeutic approaches. Working in close collaboration with one another, this diversity combines to create a dynamic and skillful group of Practitioners sharing their knowledge and expertise.

Speech Pathologists

Robyn Stephen

Principal Speech Pathologist 

Genevieve Ackland

Senior Speech Pathologist

Kate Down

Senior Speech Pathologist 

Nicola Dunn

Speech Pathologist 

Liselle Grant

Speech Pathologist 

Elizabeth Grech

Speech Pathologist

Client Services

Emily Peev

Practice Manager

Marietha Fouche


Georgie Stephen