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Privacy Policy


Our Responsibility

Robyn Stephen & Associates is bound  by and complies with Australian Federal and State privacy laws which enforce specific obligations in regard to handling health and personal information.

We are committed to protecting the privacy of personal information that is collected and held about all our clients.

We will only collect and hold the necessary information that is required primarily for the purpose of providing  quality speech pathology services.


Information Collection

In order for our Speech Pathologist to fully assess, diagnose and provide the right treatment, we need to collect some personal information about our clients.

This information is usually collected directly from our clients or their legally nominated representatives over the phone, in person or with the use of forms. We may need to sometimes collect information from a third party such as a relative or another health service provider.

The information that we collect includes demographic information such as name, date of birth, address, health fund or funding details, as well as medical information about the client and their family.


Information Use

In order for us to provide the best possible environment in which to treat our clients, we may use or disclose our client’s personal information where necessary for:

  • assessment, diagnosis and treatment of our clients;
  • managing our relationship with our clients;
  • contacting our clients for matters relating to their care;
  • invoicing, billing and account management;
  • liaising with our client’s health fund, Medicare or other funding organisations;
  • correspondence with other healthcare providers involved in our client’s care;
  • activities such as staff training and education, risk and claim management, audits, quality assurance processes, accreditation and patient satisfaction surveys.


Accessing Information

Robyn Stephen & Associates takes all reasonable steps to ensure that information collected about our clients is accurate, complete and up to date. If incomplete or inaccurate information is provided, or if information is withheld, it may result in an incomplete assessment. This may impact on the diagnosis of the client and prevent us from providing the appropriate services .

Clients may have access to their records upon request and if it is believed that any of the information is inaccurate, we may be able to amend it accordingly.


Information Security

Robyn Stephen & Associates takes all reasonable steps to ensure the security of all personal information that is held by the practice. Strictly controlled  access is only available to the required personnel for the purpose of their role.

Third party IT service providers may be used to assist us with activities such as, website hosting and maintenance, technology set-up and maintenance including data back-up and storage, and other IT or payment services. These providers may also have access to some personal information held by Robyn Stephen & Associates and may use this information on our behalf only. All third party providers are also bound by Federal and State privacy laws and their compliance and policies are checked by Robyn Stephen & Associates prior to engagement.



Any concerns that you may have about this policy or about the management of client information may be directed to Robyn Stephen