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Your Child

Your child brings a unique perspective, fascination, and interaction with the people and world around them. However your child may need assistance to communicate this perspective to others, understand what others say, and take advantage of opportunities for new learning as they grow and develop.

Our years of experience enable us to recognize ‘red flag’ indicators of difficulties of speech, language, communication, literacy and learning which may stand in the way of your child reaching their potential.

Do any of these ‘red flags’ apply to your child?2e746518c9c18e7c794177385f3e695a

  • is late to learn to talk
  • is distant and hard to engage with you
  • is hard to understand when they talk
  • is frustrated trying to talk
  • is unable to say some sounds that you would expect they should be able to say
  • confuses his/her, he/she and other grammar
  • repeats alot of sounds and words when
    they talk
  • doesn’t listen or understand or remember what you say
  • is easily distracted
  • is not doing as well at school as you would have expected
  • finds it hard to make friends
  • is slow to learn to read, write or spell
  • finds homework harder than expected
  • is disorganized
  • doesn’t participate in classroom discussion
  • is often in trouble at school


If any of these ‘red flags’ apply to your child, then they may benefit from Speech Pathology. Contact us at Melbourne Child Development to discover how we can help.